Toronto Star’s ‘Newspapers in Education’ launches two new school resources this...

The Toronto Star’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) division will launch two new resources for schools in Canada this Fall. The new Toronto Star Classroom Connection...

Video: Augmented Reality makes newspaper ads come alive

A number of Canadian newspapers are incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) technology into their print editions to bring advertising and editorial content to life. Using AR mobile apps, advertisers can provide print readers with deeper information, sound

Ad Examples: Six strategic ways to use advertising in print media

Suzanne Raitt, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Newspapers Canada, blogs regularly on innovative newspaper advertising for the International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA). Her latest post demonstrates how newspapers can be used in innovativ

Newspapers Work for Entertainment

Where do Canadians go when in the market for entertainment or restaurant information? They go mainly to newspapers and websites. Newspapers present readers with local ideas, present new openings and share the latest special offers – they are the

NEW VIDEO: Ad Examples: Using Newspapers Strategically

This compelling new video from Newspapers Canada highlights a variety of examples of how you can use newspaper ads strategically. Each ad ran in Canada over the past year and effectively used the medium to deliver its message. Click through to view som

New Case Study: Workopolis

Using current news to create editorial-like cartoons, Workopolis created a clever ad campaign that works in concert with the newspaper environment. Furthermore, it delivers - the campaign helped drive a 1484% increase in Workopolis’ weekly Facebo

Six reasons to reconsider time spent with media

The often quoted time spent with media vs. ad dollars chart is one factor, and perhaps not the best factor, to compare media. In her latest blog post for INMA, Newspapers Canada’s Suzanne Raitt suggests we consider other variables to get a robust

New Case Study: IBM

 IBM wanted to encourage conversations on innovation and productivity. IBM‘s ad creative would explain the issues and newspapers were a perfect vehicle for allowing this thorough sharing of information. Plus it effectively drove readers to L

Newspapers and their sites deliver engagement

New research shows print newspapers are the most engaging medium and have the highest ad engagement

NEW: Boomers are Print & Web Lovers

Newspapers Canada undertook research with a third party to understand how different demographics read newspapers across devices. The study shows that four out of five Boomers (45 to 65 year olds) read each week – their key sources are print and